At Tedd Engineering, innovation and excellence is at the heart of everything we do

We've built our expertise and reputation over 20 years by designing some of the most advanced control systems available. The chances are that we have already designed several control systems that have a number of similar aspects to your own requirement.

While we treat each design specification individually, we aim to make use of best practice and our specialist technical knowledge to give you the best result in the fastest production time.

Some examples of control systems we've designed include:

  • Complete automatic controls for quarry machinery
  • Fully-proportional control for hydraulic machinery
  • A wide variety of "on-ship" electronics for the marine industry
  • J1939 communications interface with engine management systems
  • Suspension control and remote entry for automotive manufacturers

Some of the features that we have incorporated into our designs include:

"Smart" solid state outputs
These outputs protect themselves and the control unit in the event of short circuits. This helps you to reduce downtime due to blown fuses or burnt-out wires.

Fully-sealed waterproof units
Our control solutions use resin encapsulation of the electronics to protect against vibration and moisture ingress.

Robust communications
We use robust, automotive-based serial protocols, such as CAN or J1939, to simplify wiring looms without sacrificing reliability.

Built-in diagnostics
With the use of graphical LCDs or connections to a laptop, we can provide our units with self-diagnostic capabilities. This has enabled many of our clients to solve problems over the telephone, which reduces the need for costly and time-consuming site visits.