The construction industry is one that Tedd Engineering has vast experience within and is one of our main areas that we work in continually. One of the major suppliers that we have supplied various control systems to is Sandvik; they are a worldwide high technology engineering group that have various industries in which they work for example, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Energy amongst others.

Sandvik Crusher

Sandvik: Crusher machine

Sandvik Screener

Sandvik: Screener machine

The systems that we have supplied to Sandvik are predominantly for use within their mining and construction equipment. These systems are used to control large machinery such as rock crushers and screeners.

Working closely with Sandvik's lean manufacturing production departments we supply complete kits for various machines. These kits comprise of various products and controls ranging from large control cabinets and wiring looms, to radio handsets and displays. It is through designing such products that we have gained vast experience within the construction industry. As with all products used within the construction industry there is a greater need for durability and strength to be consistent across all of the products used whilst also being user friendly and reliable.

Sandvik Crusher Control Cabinet, Sandvik Crusher Control Cabinet with Display, Sandvik Engine Display Module

Left: Crusher Control Cabinet     Centre: Crusher Control Cabinet with Display     Right: Engine Display Module

Left: Radio Receiver Unit     Centre: Screener I/O Module     Right: Control Handsets

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